Thursday, August 10, 2006

crit at the park

I met with my friend at the park today, and, while our children played for a couple of hours, we read and critiqued and talked about different aspects of writing, and what we each need to do. (I'm afraid that more time was spent on what I need to do, and I feel as though I need to make that up to her at some point...)

So. New plan.

I will continue to work on The Illusionist for the eBook Challenge. But, I will also return a chunk of focus to polishing the first several chapters of EB, and getting a better, more solid synopsis of the entire work, so that it might be ready for submission before too long. I'm a little nervous at the idea of sending out queries (is that the right term?) before the entire piece is done and polished, but I understand that that's really how its done if you want to make a living at writing.

I guess the upside is that she really liked my work that she read.

And the downside is that she really liked my work. (Haha. If people say its crap, I can just console myself with its being awful, and play around with no expectations. If people like it, then I have some kind of obligation -- even if its only to myself -- to do something with it! Ah, the tangled mess I can make of such simple things.)

So. Plans. Now on to the execution. (Take that however you like....)


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